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Are you missing branches on your Family Tree? We can help.


  • Virginia Genealogical Research and Family Histories
  • Shenandoah Valley Research and Families
  • Old Augusta County,* VA Research
  • Hereditary Lineage & Society Applications
  • Family Ordinals and Naming Patterns

    *Augusta County, created in 1738 from Orange Co, VA, was settled mostly by Scots-Irish and German residents. Prior to the Revolutionary War, Augusta County was HUGE and stretched westward from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Mississippi River (and beyond), and northward to the Great Lakes! The Augusta County Courthouse has records from these areas beginning in 1745. NOTE: before they became states, WV, TN, KY and OH, were a part of Augusta County, thus these early American records are located in Augusta County.
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  • Genealogical and Family History Research
  • Hereditary Society Application Preparation
  • Editorial Services
  • Keynote Speaker, Lecturer
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Photography of tombstones, locations, etc.

    Genealogical Research:

    Clients will be accepted on a first come-first serve basis for projects of any size including full-family reconstruction, as well as difficult "brick wall" problems. We specialize in persons of early Virginia, especially Augusta County, though it may be necessary to carry over projects to another location when following clues. Frequently we follow families back to the progenitor and the location from where they emigrated.

    Hereditary Lineage Societies Research and Preparation:

    DAR/SAR- We've prepared hundreds; and Janie is a member of more than 40 lineage societies, thus her expertise in application protocol is unsurpassed.

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    We are pleased to accept research projects in our areas of expertise on a first-come basis. Below please find information about fees and conditions of research. If all agreeable, print and sign the Contract (highlighted below) and return, along with your deposit, any pertinent data as well as your list of questions or goals.


    Cost is $35 per hour for research, analysis, and report time, plus copy and mailing fees. In some cases, travel fees apply. A minimal deposit is required. We accept payment by check or money order.

    Letter and Deposit

    We work on a first-come basis, and sometimes have a waiting list, but if you would like your work placed on it, please send a letter relaying your goals, problems or questions, and what references you have already checked, if any.

    Please include a family group sheet if you have one. In addition, a non-refundable deposit of $105 is required which goes toward the first 3-hours of research time. You may send any amount of deposit (over $105), and you will be billed the balance upon completion of the project. Full payment must be received before the report or application is mailed or emailed.


    We will supply you with a comprehensive report of findings, both positive and negative. As the time frame for each project is different, turn-around time varies from project to project. We can assure you, however, that we treat each research project as if we were conducting the work for ourselves; thus you can be assured of the quality of the report you will receive.

    Of course, it may be that your answer is NOT here. Nevertheless, after our search, you will know exactly what has been searched and the results. Knowing what is not here in itself can be beneficial.


    Our simple Contract is required for service. Please complete and return the contract denoting if there are any restrictions in terms of research hours or fees, or if you would allow us to search all the best sources in order to find your answers before sending the report. (The latter is our preference, and more cost efficient for the client, as we don't have to quit in the middle of the project.) Please see below a link to the contract for your perusal.

    Click here to download Research Contract (PDF file)

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    Click here to send us an email
    or call Janie at (540) 280-2727 (cell).

    Your packet should include:
    1) Research Request Letter as to scope of project
    2) Contract
    3) Family Group Sheet and any other pertinent data
    4) Deposit

    Mail to:
    Janie Sherman, 701 Donaghe Street, Staunton, VA 24401-2838.

    We look forward to working on your family history.

    Janie Sherman
    Professional Genealogist

  • Dear Janie,

    I dove into the copies you sent me. It is a very interesting article you found, and it made me stop with some of what I was doing so that I could re-evaluate before actually entering data. Thank you so much. You have really gone above and beyond.
    Jane B.
    Spring, Texas

    I found your research very satisfying. I feel now that it has been proved that John was the oldest child of Thomas, and you did find the purchase and sale of his land, which I could not find. Thank you very much for your work.
    Jere M.

    When you can't get to the Shenandoah Valley to do family research, Janie Sherman brings the Valley to you. She does so in a friendly, but ever professional style, and works to leave no stone unturned. We are not done yet with my research, but when we reach the end of the trail, it will have been a journey of enlightenment and discovery.
    Jack I.
    Belvidere, New Jersey

    Those of us who are busy with our own careers never seem to have time to do our own genealogical research. When I have needed help in this area I look for competency, thoroughness and a sense of timeliness. I have given Janie Sherman a couple of difficult assignments that had not been completed by other professional genealogists. Janie came through with final reports that were complete and neatly done with supporting documentation. Her work is simply outstanding in every way. I recommend her without hesitation.
    Vic D
    Author and Researcher
    Harrisonburg, Virginia

    Ms. Sherman did a FANTASTIC JOB in researching my Virginia family. It was a challenging task, but she dove into it with great enthusiasm and with amazing skill. I was very pleased with her efforts, expertise and timeliness in getting information requested. I would recommend her without reservation for genealogical research in any area of the country. Sincerely
    Michael J.

    I was delighted with the excellent research that Janie Sherman provided for me. Janie traced my father's line (Gallup) all the way back to their arrival in America in 1630, so I had her do my mother's family tree as well! You are the best!!
    Judy A.
    Staunton, Virginia

    I've been enjoying your report this evening. The sources that you've listed in your report alone, are worth the money spent. After reading the report, I regret that I didn't give you more information. I would like to hire you to do more research. After the holidays, let's correspond to set up a plan for more research. I've got to read this report a few more times, I miss a lot the first time through.
    Jack V.

    Yes I am a genealogiahohlic! .....But beyond that I have spent a decade tracking my own family's history. So a few years ago I proved my daughter's application to the DAR. I felt like I earned a BA in genealogy!! Thats how I found Robert...our Patriot. I saw many references to the Battle of Guilford Courthouse...but today you proved it. HUGE. You are doing deeply important work. I thank you again.
    Mary C
    Muskogee, Oklahoma